Living without this actually improves your life!

I felt this Facebook live video was so important that I wanted to share it on my website!

It’s not the most slick looking, but the content is great ;)

Recently I posted a quote on my social media and a few days later I was greatly convicted … listen to hear what happened and how it could actually improve your life!

Struggling with Distractions? Try this!

There are times in life where it seems distractions come at us from every angle - financially, relationally, spiritually etc.

If we aren’t careful those distractions can take our focus off of what is most important, allowing the unimportant to steal our time and attention.

Jen shares in this 3 minute video what we can do to stop letting distractions steal our priorities, so we can get back to the important things God has called us to do.

It’s time to take action against the distraction!