Coffee with Jen - Healthy Strong


Coffee with Jen - Healthy Strong


Three Sessions Include:

  • Three personalised mentoring sessions of 1 hour each

  • Three sets of teaching notes with questions to help guide you as you journal

  • ‘Coffee with Jen’ Journal

  • Email support

  • Encouragement as you take your next step of faith

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Healthy Strong

Jen believes all women are created to be ‘healthy strong’.  In other words, we are not meant to exude masculinity and neither should we embrace insecurity.  A woman walking in healthy confidence knows who she is in Christ; and it is from that place of freedom that true beauty can be discovered, developed and displayed.

Based around her book Unshakeable Confidence, Jen will teach on important keys, truths and lies which all shape (or shake) our confidence.  If you want to discover a greater level of confidence in your life, or in a particular area, this stream is for you.