Coffee with Jen - Lead (Yourself) Strong


Coffee with Jen - Lead (Yourself) Strong


Three Sessions Include:

  • Three personalised coaching sessions of 1 hour each

  • Three sets of teaching notes with questions to help guide you as you journal

  • ‘Coffee with Jen’ Journal

  • Email support

  • Encouragement as you take your next step of faith

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Lead (Yourself) Strong

Jen believes self-leadership is vitally important, let alone biblical, to living a healthy, prosperous and purpose-filled life. We must know how to lead ourselves before we can lead others. 

God is not responsible for our self-leadership, we are.

Intentionally choosing to lead ourselves body, soul and spirit is one of the greatest spiritual decisions we can make.

How do you work with God, leading yourself in such a way that you aren’t abdicating responsibility that is yours, neither are you assuming responsibility that is His?

In this stream Jen will teach important truths, give helpful tools, and share biblical and practical advice to help you have a healthy control over your life. By the end you will have more clarity on which areas you need to focus on, clarify where you are strong/weak, and have written down Holy Spirit inspired goals to help you walk strong toward your next season. If you want to stop circling the same mountains, and if you are willing to stretch outside your comfort zone, this stream is for you.