Coffee with Jen - Deeper with God


Coffee with Jen - Deeper with God


Three Sessions Include:

  • Three personalised mentoring sessions of 1 hour each

  • Three sets of teaching notes with questions to help guide you as you journal

  • ‘Coffee with Jen’ Journal

  • Email support

  • Encouragement as you take your next step of faith

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Deeper with God

Would you like to take your relationship with God a level deeper?  Are you comfortable with the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit or is there one of the Trinity you would like to know better?

In these sessions you will learn more about what intimacy with God looks like, how to develop your personal intimacy with Him, what is possibly hindering you from going deeper and practical ways you can make this a lifelong journey of discovery.

One of Jen’s favourite teachings is on intimacy with the Lord and here she will give you powerful, personal and potentially life changing messages on how to develop this area of your life.  She has seen many people experience beautiful encounters with the Lord through these teachings. 

Maybe it’s time for you to go a little deeper . . . ?