What's Increasing in 2019?

What's Increasing in 2019?

I believe many of us in 2019 are going to experience a fresh saturation of God’s goodness.

The past few years have been some of the most challenging.  Though God has not caused the trouble we have seen in our lives, He has and will certainly use it.  

This is shown to us again and again throughout the scriptures: 

After the desert came the Promised Land; 

After prison came the promotion; 

After the fiery furnace came the fourth man; 

After the Cross came the resurrection.

Blessing would not shine as bright without the battle; it is the battle which puts blessing into perspective.  

For those who have endured the battle, and not quit, there is great blessing ahead.

Learning the Difference Between Enduring and Maturing

Learning the Difference Between Enduring and Maturing

I believe there is an important difference between enduring and maturing.

Often in Christianity we focus on enduring … hanging in there until we get through the illness, financial struggle, emotional battle or relationship breakdown.  We can focus on the end result, the moment of breakthrough and the time when this particular season has faded into yesteryear.  

But is that the overcoming life the Bible talks about?