How To Change A Mindset


So last week I was standing in the kitchen preparing dinner for a friend and me.  All is cooked, it smells great, table is being laid, and we are ready for some masterchef-style eating.

Okay – short-order cook.

As I reach into the cupboard to grab two plates, I turn my head as I pull them out …. and subsequently knock over the tower of bowls I had just retrieved from the dishwasher.

As if in slow motion I see the bowls one by one leaping to their deaths, screaming, clawing backwards for the counter, eyes pleading for help, yet all this in vain as they sadly end their lives crashed into a thousand pieces on my kitchen floor.


My friend came running to see what happened.  I stare.

And without thinking I declare confidently and with a smile: ‘I have three’.

Yes, thankfully, I have three.

A trio of bowls were spared and able to walk away with only a chip on their shoulder (I had to do it).

Often in life we can see the tragedy and miss the blessing.  It is not difficult to spot the pain, but it’s a challenge to find the pearl.

Which are you seeing today?

Everything which has gone wrong or the possibility of what could go right?

I encourage you to choose the latter and intentionally live in thankfulness.  It’s a much more exciting way to live if nothing else.  And by doing so you will begin living from victory, not defeat.

The children’s song was right — count your blessings one by one ….

Or maybe that should be, three by three …

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