When Silence Screams


Have you ever sat in a room completely silent, yet heard the voices of a thousand souls?

Recently I sat in a church nearly 200 years old, taking in the silence and feeling part of a song carrying centuries of hard-lived verses.

There was a plaque on the wall dedicated to a 91-year old woman and it said, in part, ‘this tablet is raised at the head of her pew’.  I felt like I was trespassing Mary Ann Arnold by sitting there, as if she was looking down from heaven and judging whether or not I was worthy to be in ‘her pew’.

I’m sure we have all experienced the screaming silence of a room filled with tension; you enter a space only to ‘hear’ the residue of angry words shouted moments earlier.

Silence has a voice.

God is silent for different reasons.  At times it is to teach us, other times to guide us, and sometimes I think He simply doesn’t have anything to say at that moment!

We are the ones aching for the audible, not Him.

So, how do we treat the silence of God?

Elijah cried out; Job asked questions; Jesus sought clarity.

It’s fine to enquire, but don’t be offended if there is no reply.

Because God understands …

… silence develops maturity.

When a baby is newborn it would be cruel to ignore the cries (screams) for help.  Any loving parent immediately attends the child and provides words of assurance, calm, and comfort.  But a teenager who screams for attention is often ignored until there is an attitude adjustment.

God knows what you need to hear … and when.  He is not negligent of your current pain nor is He ignorant of your immediate situation.

He loves you and He cares.

Our job is to trust His comfort in the stillness as much as His speaking in the chaos.

So, when silence screams – sing.

Sing words of thanksgiving, praise, peace, forgiveness, love, and generosity.

Because there is a song about to break out over your life, and you are here to bring the first note.

Now is not the time to be silent; it is the time to break the silence.