Speak it Out

declerations faith god's timing godsword pioneer spiritual season trusting god Aug 12, 2023

Faith is not denying what it sees, it is seeing what cannot be denied.

God saw darkness but He spoke light.
David saw Goliath but he spoke victory.
Jesus saw death but He spoke resurrection.

Speaking what has not yet happened is a key to walking by faith and seeing miracles.

I believe we are coming into a season where we will begin to see that which cannot be explained.

It is up to God when He moves, how He moves, and if He moves but it is up to us to keep our eyes and hearts open 'for' that move.

➤What is He asking you to see in this season that you will (literally!) see in the next season?

Speak it by faith. Wait with expectation. Hold the timing loosely. Trust God’s love. đź’•

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