I had enough;

it was time fear

was silenced.

-Jen Baker

Hi, I'm Jen and I'm so glad you're here!

Have you ever had someone else try to write your story?


For many years I felt like an outsider looking in, wondering when I would live the life I was meant to live?

Past abuse, debilitating insecurity and tremendous self-pity tried to write a story I was not content to own.

Then at the age of 19 I became a Christian and the following year I heard the audible voice of God call me into full time ministry. It was at that moment I decided 'my life was not my own' and I sought to 'follow the cloud' wherever it led.

Though I faced fear and insecurity every day of my life, I kept saying yes to God's leading.

In 2003 on a word from God I quit my job, sold my new home, gave away my possessions and moved to England.

I soon realised that crossing an ocean did not leave the insecurity and self-pity behind so I carried on silently battling on and off the speaking platform.

One day I had enough and hit bottom.

I made several intentional decisions that radically changed my outlook, life and story.

I began fully embracing my God given identity as a prophetic woman of faith and pioneer for the kingdom of God.

It gave me a deep passion to see other men and women set free from the lies that were holding them back from living the story they were created to live (Psalm 139:16).

Over nearly 25 years I have had the incredible honour of mentoring hundreds of men and women, speaking to thousands of people and writing seven books. 

I have also created an easy-to-follow teaching that anyone can use to unlock their own pioneering journey and start fully living the life of courageous faith they've always dreamed of living!

You hold the pen; what story will YOU write?


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