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Jen Baker at Downing StreetAs many of you know, I finished my pastoral position at Westminster Community Church the end of December and have been waiting for God to reveal the next step.

As of last month I believed that was to move forward with CGI (Christian Growth International) and align my ministry with them.  Many of you know I didn’t have peace about moving to Chelmsford, but I valued the relationships with CGI.  Well, finally I am getting clarity!

October 2011 I was invited to attend an Anti-Slavery Day Celebration at 10 Downing Street.  Being there challenged me once again of the unique privilege we have to bring the Kingdom of God to earth and to be a voice for justice wherever we go.  It made me think ‘what am I personally doing, and is it enough’?  Some of us will be called to work locally fighting for justice; others will be called to work on a national or international level.  It isn’t where we impact, it is that we impact which matters most. 

It was an honour to be invited, and I felt at the time there was more to it than just the invitation.  It seems that was correct!

While there I met Jenny Gilpin (see picture) who, along with her husband Dave, pastors Hope City Church in Sheffield.  They also founded City Hearts, which has two Safe Houses for those who have been trafficked, plus a Recovery House which is a residential program for women overcoming serious life issues such as drug abuse, unplanned pregnancies, depression, and eating disorders.

Three days before I was due to finalise with CGI, Jenny phoned me out of the blue offering me a part-time job as Director over City Hearts UK.  Not only would I oversee the program, but it would also provide opportunity to attend monthly meetings in London with the Home Office and other agencies, focusing on the anti-trafficking issue.

I will also be part of their preaching team and still have the freedom to itinerate on the weekends and develop my own ministry.  It’s a win/win all around!

You can find out more about City Hearts and the church at

I spoke to Bev Murrill from CGI and they also believed this was God.  My relationship with them will still continue, but my ministry will now be aligned with Hope City Church in Sheffield where I’ll be based.

I believe a key part of this new season of ministry will be as a ‘voice to the voiceless’ – making known the atrocities of trafficking and speaking up for those whose voices have been silenced.  Thank you for your support which helps make this happen!

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