Lives are being changed

I have the privilege of working with an AMAZING team of people who carry a heart for the hurting, intolerance for injustice, and a desire to make a difference.
City Hearts works with vulnerable women, as well as victims rescued from trafficking and modern day slavery. We have the privilege of both being there when hope seems gone, yet also celebrating with them once hope is restored.

At Christmas we had one victim say to me, with tears– “This is the first Christmas gift I have ever received.” Age – mid 20s.

Within the next month we will begin sending out quarterly newsletters, letting you read stories of lives changed, stay updated on all that is happening, and giving you opportunities to get involved!

I would love you to not only sign up, but please spread the word!


2 thoughts on “Lives are being changed

  1. Martine Spring says:

    How special it must be to be able to share the love of God with hurting people. It must be an amazing feeling to know that you have truly helped someone. Love and blessings to you Jen. xx

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