Decide then DIG

Decide then DIGSo, I don’t know if you have this problem or not, but sometimes I sit down to read the Bible and I feel more than a little overwhelmed.

Where do I start? What if I read the wrong place? What if I’m in Ephesians and God has life altering Truth in Leviticus (is that even possible?!).

Starting is often the hardest part. But not starting can be the most damaging.

Let me reassure you. God can, and will, speak to you wherever you choose to read. He’s God, and He’s had plenty of practice at this. He even spoke through a donkey once, so don’t think being on page 642 instead of page 321 will challenge Him.

(I bet someone right now is going to their Bibles to look up those pages….)

The most important bit is to do SOMETHING. Pick a page, and then start digging. Pray and ask Him what He wants to show you. Listen. Look. Get excited about the treasure you are about to discover. And if nothing happens, no worries — try again tomorrow.

Because I promise you — God loves you. And wants to speak to you. And when we open that Book, it’s like God pulls up a chair, grabs a coffee, and chats about life with us.

So, start where you are.

Because that’s where you’ll find Him.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Simon Cocks

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