Confronting Change

Confronting ChangeLast Christmas I won a used Juicer.

It probably doesn’t sound that exciting to the average person, but to me I felt like I’d won the lotto. Excitedly I opened the box upon returning home, only to discover there were no directions inside.  No problem, I have a University degree – I can do this.

Following a few failed attempts I managed to get the parts where they fit together, proudly sitting Mr. Juicer on the counter.

A few days later, new oranges in hand – I set out to juice.

One thing the anonymous owner failed to mention — when juicing, the juice goes everywhere!! (Could it be this is why they were giving it away?!)   The side of my fridge has been painted orange from the spray and I’m now taking out stock in kitchen roll.  ‘Oh well’, I thought, ‘at least I have fresh juice every day –it’s the price one pays to be healthy!’

And then… happened.  One average Tuesday morning as I was assembling said Juicer it seemed to fit differently than normal. I thought to myself, ‘that’s odd…it fits better when assembled incorrectly than it does the way I normally do it’

(No, for the record I am not blonde. I am – em – strawberry blonde)

Just for fun I decided to try and juice the oranges with it assembled ‘incorrectly’.  A miracle.  No longer did it spurt orange juice over anything within 10 feet of it, it also actually separated the pulp from the juice and put it in a separate container (I had been wondering why there were two containers–both for juice…)  Strawberry….um yeah, blonde.

Risking change opens the door to realms of new possibilities.

2012 IS A YEAR OF CHANGE, whether we want it to be or not.

Change will happen.  And if we refuse to change with it, we will find ourselves stuck in a grave which masquerades as a rut.

What are three key principles for navigating this change successfully?

  1. Know God
  2. Obey His promptings
  3. Hold On!

Which one is for you this month?

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