Charing Cross Police Chaplain

Scotland YardFor those who may not know, I also volunteer as Chaplain for Charing Cross Police Station.  This has been a tremendous honour and an eye opening experience!

I have enormous respect for the Metropolitan Police and having the opportunity to hear their hearts for service, see them caring about their jobs, and listening to the difficulties they face on a regular basis has only increased my admiration of all they do.

In the past few months I have had opportunity to pray with some of the officers, pray within the building, witness the love of Christ on several occasions, meet with one officer for a few hours in a ‘counselling’ capacity, and have been invited to take part in a Diversity board at the Station. I also am beginning to build relationships with those officers working directly within the anti-trafficking field, which I think will be important as I move forward in my new role with City Hearts.

It is only a two hour commute from Sheffield to London, so I am hoping my volunteer role can continue with at least a few visits per month.

Your financial support would, amongst other things, help make possible the ability for me to travel back and forth, keeping this connection active and developing.  You can go to the Donation page here for more information.

Thank you for helping make a difference in the lives of the hurting; in the heart of the Police force; and in the lives of everyday people through this ministry!

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