Baby Steps

Baby StepsIt’s big news in a new family when the baby takes his or her first little steps isn’t it?  People take pictures, tweet, phone friends/family, and hold the memory in their hearts literally forever.

But it was only a BABY step.  Maybe two or three if you were lucky.  What on earth is the big deal about THAT?!

It’s not like the kid solved a puzzle, ran the 400 metres or discovered a way to eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream without gaining weight. THAT would be worth publicising.

The whole reason for celebration is because it symbolises the beginning of what is to come. It’s a start.  It shows potential.

And that is exactly what your baby step is also all about.

It’s 2013 now – time for new ideas, fresh starts, and reignited dreams.  Don’t try to do everything at once.  Take a step.

Just ONE.

Because that one step holds the future of dreams realised, distance covered, and discoveries made.


What one step can you take in one area to reignite hope in your heart today?

Write it down in a journal, inside your Bible cover, on a piece of paper – somewhere.  Write down the date and the step you took.  Then look at it again tomorrow morning — and step again.

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