Living the Dream

Living the dream.

Something which seems quoted far more than experienced.

We all long to live the dream…whatever that is. As a child I dreamt of becoming an A-list Hollywood star, an FBI agent, and at one time even the first female American football player for the Detroit Lions! (I know, can you imagine?!)

Yet how many of our childhood dreams become reality? At what age did I realise my talent isn’t quite A-list, I would be pathetic as an undercover cop, and the football helmet would definitely mess with my hair / make-up way too much to be worth the millions I was going to make!

All too early in life we choose to shelve the dream instead of trust it; we assume that the child was simply being a child and as an adult – things must look different. Maybe it comes with our first job, first bill, first mortgage, or first child, but somewhere along life’s continuum a decision is made to either forego the dream, or at the very least to modify it (read into that make it safe). And sometimes that is right. Me attempting to become the first female football player is right up there with the Queen trying out for England’s Rugby team. It just isn’t going to happen.

But are there dreams which have been modified to the point of moribund? They are barely gasping for breath, lifeless and weak, when at one time they were the strength behind us getting up in the morning. And those dreams, the ones which had true life in them at one time, are the ones which we need to re-examine. Have we shelved something out of despair instead of direction? Might it be time to pull a dream off the ventilator and breathe new life into it?

Joseph had a dream which landed him in prison. (Genesis 37) But whilst there he continued believing in the dream and acting with integrity, until it came to pass. Yes, it looked different than he originally imagined, but seriously, don’t they all?

This thought came to me a few months ago during an intense time of ministry. As I was ‘complaining’ to God about the stress and difficulty I was under, He reminded me that I grew up in a tiny Midwestern town in the US, and am now living in England, have a flat in London, am travelling and preaching at meetings, writing for magazines, and working for Him.

I am already living the dream; I was just too busy to see it.

My sense is someone has a dream they are questioning, wondering if anything will ever come of it? Bring it before the Throne room, ask the Lord for His direction, trust Him, be willing to fully obey, and always follow your peace. (Colossians 3:15)

Because who knows, quite possibly the child’s dream … isn’t just a dream….

6 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. liv says:

    I was recently talking with a friend about our current lives as young mothers, being creative and loving our families … sometimes in the day to day, Wei van forget that this is one of our dreams and it is happening right now.
    Jen, I also wanted to be all an actress, FBI agent, and quarterbackon the NFL!

    • JenBaker says:

      Yes Liv, you are also definitely living your dream – and doing it so well!! And how cool you had the same aspirations as a kid?? That’s why I love you so much… 🙂

  2. karleen says:

    even though this was written some time ago, i can definately relate. I have always wanted to act but dont know if thats what is meant for me. My journey has been wierd as ive tried alot from athlete to fashion designer and all inbetween. Performing was the only consistent thing and i also started it in church. However i left uni because i wasnt happy stuying my course and decided to give a year to God to chase this dream, nothing really came of it but now im trying to start my own business, that im happy about, and i want to start writing but acting its still a lingering dream. within that year my confidence went down and i didnt think i would get far , i started believing my faith was holding me back because of conflicting roles or scenes. I do want to be a movie star but not only. I did say i wanted to be a business woman as well which seems to be taking off so who knows? maybe one day in the future.

  3. eugene says:

    hello I have been trying for quite some time to find the time your service starts but so far I just cant see this any where. I think this would be so helpfull as I do want so much to visit your church. I just dont like to walk in late and miss the praise and worship. many thanks

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