Haircuts and Tattoos

It simply said Death.

Normally when I have a haircut, death is far from my mind; and might I add, this is generally a good thing.  Yet on this occasion as I stood at the counter preparing to pay, my eye caught an image on the arm of the man behind the counter.

It was beautifully scripted, written in a lovely colour, and looked somewhat poetic; yet this fine work of art boasted only one word – DEATH.

Deftly striking up a conversation, I eluded to the bold statement hitching a ride on his bicep, commenting on his unique choice of words to indelibly print on one’s body.  Mr Tattoo laughed and said others had also questioned his decision, wondering if he had been depressed when it was done.  He assured me he had not been; also that he was not a masochist, nor did he have a death wish or any other disorder — he simply liked the design.

It made me wonder: what unsuitable image imprinted on my spirit am I tolerating, simply because I like the design?

Insecurity can look quite attractive when it masquerades as humility.  Or success can appear rather colourful when the true design is labelled pride.  ‘Freedom of expression’ sometimes hides behind the swirls of laziness, or ‘just appreciating her beauty’ becomes a smokescreen for the marks of lust written upon one’s heart.  We are lured in by what looks attractive and acceptable outwardly, bypassing the true writing on the wall.   Or in this case – arm.

Jesus bore the marks of death all over His body, so we would not have to.   Those marks contained no façade –they declared total surrender.

His scars still write today.  They engrave Freedom on the heart of anyone who seeks to be truly identified with Him…

…and that my friends, is a tattoo worth displaying.

“You show that you are a letter from Christ…written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.” 2 Corinthians 3:3

4 thoughts on “Haircuts and Tattoos

  1. Samuel Nebout says:

    I really like that thought Jen! This is a really deep thought to me. How many times in our lives do we value the appearance over the message it conveys. Two teenagers I am in touch with were talking to me about the tattoos they are planning to put on their bodies. So the way you put the message accross is quite timely.
    Every blessing to you,

    • JenBaker says:

      Nice to hear from you Sam! Thanks for the comment. I also think it isn’t so much about the tattoos, but what is behind them and why. I don’t believe God is too concerned one way or another whether the skin is painted or pierced or plain – He cares about the heart and what is going on there. He’s a relationship kind of God, above all else 😉

      Give my love to your wife, bless you guys – Jen

  2. Iestyn says:

    Fantastic debating point Jen. I have two debating points on the story.I really connected an understood your guy behind the counter. As my uncle always said ” only one thing you must do in life,an that’s die!” but it’s your love for God an the excepting of it with a heart full of understanding that counts.death comes to us all an should be embraced with a strong faith. So its my opinion,if you flip on its head,it’s not hiding behind a tattoo,but celebrating the fact we all will face death..
    Also I have tattoos I proudly wear rejoicing in my faith,an to show the world my love for the Lord. It’s no different if you think to wearing a crucifix
    Necklace,St Cristopher etc,car bumper sticker..some people feel close to god by feeling the pain of having a tattoo to show devotion. Corinthians only say don’t just write down the words of the lord,but some people go step further an wear the words of god in tattoos 🙂

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