Dying for Water

They appeared dead.

After two weeks on holiday and a long journey home, I wearily entered the house, put down my things, and made sure I hadn’t forgotten anything important – like leaving the iron plugged in whilst away. The fact my flat had not burned to the ground should have been my first clue that things were probably okay, but one can never be too careful. Does anyone else have that reoccurring fear of having arrived at your holiday destination thousands of miles away, only to remember you left something electrical plugged in and turned on?

Thankfully everything appeared as normal…everything except the foliage.

The sound of them gasping for breath was nearly audible; and if they wore clothing, I can assure you vanity would have jumped out the window, alongside every item of clothing, in their feeble little attempt to cool off. They were clearly dying from lack of water.

Spiritually we often find ourselves in the same position. We take an unintentional holiday from the Word and before we can say ‘oh oh’, we find ourselves gasping for life. Clothes of righteousness, patience, kindness, and generosity have been thrown off along the way without us even realising they were gone; inside we have begun to wilt and droop as a result of no spiritual energy; and the way we look in the spirit has begun to resemble a balloon which has lost its air – deflated.

Amazingly one glass of water turned a plant which looked like it had just crawled the Sahara into the radiant, plush, and beautiful being it once was (okay that’s a slight exaggeration as this one has yet to even produce a flower …. but I am quite certain that has nothing to do with my horticultural skills). The point being the leaves are once again green and standing tall, as opposed to knocking on death’s door begging for entry.

And so it is with us. If you have found yourself lacking the water of the Word and refreshing of the Spirit lately, let today be the day you pick it up again, dive in, and drink deeply.

Not only will you feel better on the inside, you will look more appealing on the outside.

No holiday required.

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