You Know You’re a Starbucks Addict When…

You Know You're a Starbucks Addict When...… you have to email the head office for assistance in sorting out your different Starbucks cards and accounts, because you no longer can keep on top of them.

Welcome to my life.

You see, somehow over my years of travel I began two different Starbucks accounts, in two different countries, with two different passwords, containing two different sets of cards and information.

It most likely happened around the time I became a US ‘gold member’ cardholder (yes, those exist) and wanted to gain similar status here in the UK.  (Kind of like holding dual citizenship….but in the coffee world.)

My desire for accumulation, points, status, and belonging eventually created a world of confusion.

Isn’t that always the case?

Chasing something for any reason other than its intrinsic value, devalues it. [TWEET that if you like]

If I chase wealth to gain status and power, I have immediately devalued its real use, which is a tool for change and generosity.

If I pursue a person only for my pleasure, I have devalued their beauty and worth, which far outweighs my selfish desire.

Running after recognition for a title, devalues the responsibility of influencing and leading others toward their own successes.

Confusion comes because we are interacting in a way we weren’t designed to.

We have been created for value, generosity, and to live for a cause greater than ourselves. Anything competing with that will inevitably devalue God’s original intent.

So, maybe it’s time I had a clear out of my cards.  I mean, who really needs six different Starbucks cards running ruckus in the pockets of her wallet?   They need to move over and make room for more important items.

And maybe it’s time we had a clear out of our motives?

Who really needs selfishness, pride, self-pity, and anger taking up space in a heart which is meant for generosity, humility, mercy, and joy.

Trust me, freedom is better than status – and even Starbucks – any day.


I’d love to hear your comments below, what do you need to clear out in order to make room for the better?

4 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Starbucks Addict When…

  1. Kay says:

    I had a few chuckles reading this blog and also many nods of agreement. Thank you, Jen, for the reminder of what’s most important.

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