Was Jesus Bored?

Was Jesus Bored?Apathy and boredom are not from God.

Finding ourselves repeatedly saying we are bored (in life or with life) indicates it is time to look at our relationship with God and ask Him if we are fully walking out the purpose He has planned for us at this time.  I’m not suggesting life has to be one continual surge of enthusiasm and adrenaline as I realise there are some seasons, such as raising young children, when the most exciting thing to happen that day is a dry nappy (diaper)!

But our lives are ones of purpose and because of that even the mundane seasons carry the taste of destiny.  Once His ministry life began Jesus took times of rest, but I personally do not believe He was ever bored.  Not the least because He had the small task of saving the entire world on His plate!  Also, He never chose to look after His own needs when He knew it was time to give to the needs of others.  The perfect example is when He arrived onshore to see multitudes approaching Him for ministry (Matthew 14:14).  He had retreated by Himself to a boat after hearing the news his cousin, John the Baptist, had been beheaded.  Personal grief vs. pastoring sheep – He chose sheep.  Yes, there were other times He left the multitudes to go off and pray by Himself, but that was not based on His right…. it simply was right, for that moment.

Apathy creeps up on us once we believe we ‘deserve’ something.  I deserve a rest, I deserve time away…I deserve a break today!  Do we need rest?  YES!  Can we trust God to give us those times of rest when He knows we need it?  Yes.

Many Christians either work to the point of exhaustion tainted by a self righteous show of dedication or they slide toward the brink of laziness clothed with a self protective desire for comfort.  I have been guilty of both.

And what I am learning is that the ‘unforced rhythm of grace’ (Matthew 11:28-30 – Message Bible) lives within the seasons and pace God has ordained for that day, and that hour…and even that moment.

And that rhythm never grows dull.

To Consider….

Which side do you find yourself most frequenting – apathy/boredom or stress/exhaustion?

What is one thing which could change for you to truly let God run your schedule?

Father, I pray you help all of us work and live within the rhythm You have ordained for us this day.  Help us not to work out of a false sense of pride nor let us become complacent out of a false sense of solitude. But let us trust You to lead us – changing this world with passion and power –all from a place of peace. Amen.

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