What to do with mishaps?

We all get them, everyday.  General mishaps, minor mishaps, inconvenient (are they ever convenient?!) mishaps, and at times even disabling mishaps.  These are things we don’t see coming, but circumstances which block us from moving forward with the ease and expediency we had previously been experiencing.

This past week I have shaken hands, quite literally, with mishap on several occasions: I had what I thought was a strategic housing opportunity fall through, then – fall being the key word – I had a rather ‘fly through the air’ type of fall whilst running one evening which damaged both of my hands (making it somewhat difficult to type this blog!), and finally two days after that I had/am having continual computer problems where it decides to crash at will, and often.


Recently I read the following quote by Dr Caroline Leaf, “Love and fear are the root emotions – all the other emotions grow out of these. We are wired for love. We learn fear.”

When mishaps happen my automatic, and natural, response has become fear.  I’ll try to sort something out myself fearing that otherwise it may not happen; I’ll fall into the trap of self-pity fearing that otherwise I won’t be cared for; I’ll fear going for a run in case it happens again, and on it goes….

What would it look like to walk in love instead?

Love trusts.  Love worships.  Love gives.  Love thanks.

Instead of fear I am choosing to worship the Lord for Who He is and all He has done for me, knowing He is an amazing Provider; I am choosing to give generously in order to keep my eyes away from self-pity and onto the needs of others; and I am choosing to be thankful, knowing that thankfulness walks us out of pain into victory – inwardly if not yet outwardly.

And finally – I am choosing to run again, knowing when fear is faced, freedom is found.

What to do with mishaps?

Embrace them.

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