Falling From Fear

15,000 feet.

Free-falling for 60 seconds.

At a speed of 120mph.

Not your ordinary Tuesday.


Facing my fear is always near the top of my agenda.

I suppose because, like most people who are honest enough to admit it, I battle insecurity and fear daily.

So early in life I realised I could either let it rule me, or I could look it in its beady eyes, stand my ground, and LIVE.

Too many of us have hopes and dreams sitting on the shelves of our desires, waiting for that moment when all the signs seem right, the stars are aligned, the bills are paid, the children are behaving, and the body is cooperating.  Only then will we consider dusting off the dream, releasing its potential.

The older I get the more conscious I am that the moment will never fully be right, the stars will never be in the right place (not that I believe in that anyway), the bills are always knocking on the door, and the children and body have minds of their own.

In other words – there never is a perfect time for taking chances.

In John 2 Jesus’ mother Mary asks him to do a miracle.  He replies that the time isn’t right.

She tells Him to do it anyway.   Mum’s have a way of making us aware of what we really ought to be doing….

So Jesus obeyed, I believe with a smile on His face and a twinkle in His eye.

He really wanted to enjoy the rest of the party just as ‘Jesus’ — the same guy He had been for the last 30 years.  Did He want to shatter that reputation now by performing a miracle which will forever change the course of His life?  No, He just wanted to have a good time with His friends!  Yet He loved His mum.  More than His reputation.

Plus He trusted His dad — He knew God’s timing is perfect, our understanding is not.

So in this wedding scene, His Father’s voice was speaking directly though His mother’s wish.

Jesus changed His mind and opened the door to destiny; leaving His somewhat hidden life behind Him — forever.

Back to the skydive.

There are times to leave what is comfortable.  And not only leave, but put considerable distance between us and the issue holding us captive.

The way to face my fear was to fall away from it – literally.

The moment the door of the plane opened and I hung on the inside looking down at 15,000 feet of nothingness, I knew the only way to face that fear was to jump.  Literally throwing myself into the face of it, shattering its power as I passed through.

And once I did…..

…….I experienced the most amazing feeling EVER.


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