Are You Sure it’s NOT all about Me?

Are You Sure It's Not All About Me?So, guess what I’m learning?

It’s not about me.

I know that may come as a shock to some of you (okay, none of you), but on days it is still a shock to… moi.

Ideally I’d love the world to revolve around me.  Beginning early morning with a Starbucks (Grande Soya Latte with two shots of Irish Crème syrup please) delivered to my door as I’m having my quiet time.

Tragically… not going to happen.

I’m a selfish girl and I know it.  And I’m praying about it.  And I’m endeavouring to change.

Yet after 25 (uh…plus) years — I still struggle.

I just read a brilliant e-book by Jeff Goins called Every Writer’s Dream, which I would highly recommend any writer/communicator/leader/dreamer to purchase and read. Though its focus is on writing, the principles extend beyond that.

Such as:  It’s not about you. 

It’s about offering something to someone else, leaving them in a better place because of meeting you.

Ironically, when Jeff started giving things away rather than looking to receive, things changed.  And once his perspective changed, his prospects changed.

It’s also about passion – passion for what you are called to do, whether that is writing, speaking, caring, creating, leading, or administrating.  Rediscover the passion that lies behind the why.  And if the passion has gone AWOL, 2012 is the perfect year to change that.

Because no, it isn’t about you; but yes, it is about you.  It is about you fulfilling your purpose to its fullest, so you can leave the mark you were created to make.

And in reality that is called wisdom, not selfishness.

Thoughts to Ponder:

In what area are you most selfish? (time, family, work, habits, friends)

Who is most affected when this selfishness kicks in?

How can you be generous in this area – on purpose?

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4 thoughts on “Are You Sure it’s NOT all about Me?

      • Jen Sutton says:

        We learned early on that God sending us to Peru was not, what wonderful things we would do for God, but what He did for us(shades of JFK!) and it’s the same here in our ministry in Hornchurch; and yet the Lord is pleased to use us to introduce New Life to others. Even that is a gift to US, giving us fulfilment as we serve Him. Praise His name ‘¡’

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