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Jen’s passionate and refreshing take on life explodes the everyday with insight, inspiration, and tools to help people move forward. Her preaching creates space for people to have a life-changing encounter with God and his Word, releasing them into greater freedom.

Jen’s varied life experience makes her adept at speaking to many different audiences; with effects from transforming the individual to precipitating major shifts in church atmosphere. She has been in ministry since 1995 and has spoken at churches, conferences and events all over the world, as well as speaking on TBN UK and on Premier Christian radio.

In her own life she has taken major steps of faith, including in 2003 when, within three months of hearing God’s clear call to England, she sold her house and possessions in the United States, arriving to the shores of Devon alone and with two suitcases, where she had no idea what awaited her. These experiences have set her up to call the biggest, best, and bravest out of those she speaks to -creating expectancy, stirring faith, and igniting purpose.

In 2012, after working with other ministries in England, Jen became Director of the Anti-Trafficking work of City Hearts, helping hundreds of survivors of modern day slavery and becoming a voice for change to the government. She served there four years, in addition to pastoring and teaching at Hope City Church.

Currently, Jen lives in beautiful Bath, England and is part of Bath City Church.

Jen is a Starbucks obsessive, regularly has amusing encounters with wildlife, and loves running and a good chat. She seems to have more than the usual strange occurrences happen to her, which always come out in her preaching, making it fun and relatable.

Feel free to explore Jen’s social media and the podcasts, blog and resources on the website to get more of a feel of Jen’s style, or get in touch to find out more or to book Jen to speak at your event.

8 thoughts on “About Jen

  1. Favour Torgbui says:

    Dear Jen,
    It was nice meeting you at City Gate Church Aspire Women’s Conference over the weekend. I will never forget the true story of the retired old horse. There is hope always in the LORD. God richly bless you always.Please add me to your mailing lists.

  2. Diane Fisher says:

    Thank you so much for speaking at our women’s conference yesterday (24th June) You are a real inspiration. Thank you for following His agenda and following the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit. We were truly blessed by the encouraging word you brought and the ministry you imparted to us individually. God bless,

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